Monday, June 30, 2008

I've been tagged my good bud Betty Pillsbury over at

This is not something I often do but I will humour my dear friend as she knows my secrets and if I don't follow through she might threaten me with 100 lashes of chenille, for she also knows my foibles ( and I have rather a dodgy relationship with chenille!). So here goes.....

Ten years ago.......

I was living in a small rural village fish bowl, albeit an idyllic setting but one where privacy was a foreign word!

Five things on today's t0-do list........

Read ,my new Image to Stitch book by Maggie Grey
Continue the reshuffling of the studio to find more room to move around!
Prepare vegetable vindaloo in the crockpot
Finish some gardening projects
Sit with my family on our back deck, sipping a drinkie and watching the Canada Day fireworks!

Snacks I enjoy.....

Cheese and crackers
Berries and yogurt
Fennel ( anise)
Savouries of any kind..
a good cup of tea, esp. blueberry tea and mint green tea

Things I would do if I was a millionaire.....

Set things in place for my family that would always ensure their financial security
so they could enjoy life more and for some, to take risks to follow their dreams
Take that long desired trip to Morocco
Set up a foundation that would do quiet meaningful deeds for others
Hold an ultimate stitching retreat with a huge gifting suite and swag for my true blue loyal friends who loved me when I was not a millionaire
Find that elusive beachfront home with a huge studio and uber garage

Places I have lived.....

London, England
Worthing, England
Mt. Brydges

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Betty said...

Morocco? Let's go? The spices intrigue me.