Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Digger

But seriously.......

Twenty years ago today a very special person came into the world who epitomizes the words "Omnium Gatherum". He fits the description to a "T". His natural curiosity, thirst for knowledge and sense of adventure opened up new worlds to me and taught me to see through fresh eyes. Thank you for teaching me , loving me in spite of my faults and for being such a beautiful soul. The world is a far better place because you are in it.

and by the way, congrats on the OC Oscar for Best Random Knowledge

" Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they changed it! "....George Carlin

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter eggs - nah, I'll take the eye candy please!

My kinda Easter blooms! Beady blossoms by Jenny Friske - Daffs by Mother Nature

Well it's Easter Sunday and the sun has finally broken through the grey gloom and the dirty brown snow is finally starting to recede somewhat. Spring has officially arrived but Mother Nature has not yet fully come around to that realization! With Easter falling early this year, there's no spring bulbs up, no sign of green, no robins and in a flurry I hid the Easter eggs and no one can find them, including me! The cat seems to be the only one having any luck in that department as I hear him excitedly batting them around the hardwood floor in the hallway.
I'm incredbily restless, not bored but slightly unsettled. I't's just that time of year and I NEED COLOR ! I'm not in a creative slump but I've got the bouncing brain syndrome plaguing me once again ( too much creative energy but can't hone in on one idea long enough to kick start it ).
I decided to leaf through my creativity folders. Smashing Magazine's Creativity Spark from Masters of Illustration immediately drew me back to one of it's older posts but one that will definitely get your gears rolling:

Be sure to scroll down the screen as it just gets better and better. If you click on the individual photos, you will link to the portfolios of the artists for even more eye candy.

Ahh, who needs Easter eggs?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tardy blogger, busy stitcher

Hi folks:
Sorry to be such a tardy blogger, but life takes over periodically. Besides devoting time to the senior set whom we love dearly, I have been clearing the studio for bigger things to come. As we moved closer to our family to help out, we sized down considerably and we ( read me) is feeling the pinch enormously. I've reshuffled that studio so many times and there are only so many walls ( read two) without doors and windows taking up space. Both available walls house my enormous bookshelves with over the table lights underneath - that leaves zilch for design walls, art etc. SO, we make do and dream on for a new abode in a couple of years.
Although I've not been blogging about much these past few days, I've posted a site that will give you all much inspiration and hopefully will keep you busy for a while. I plan to be back with you very soon with new projects in tow.
Living in the snow belt keeps us busy too - 20 cm last night! The snow plough operator made sure we continued our exercise workout by depositing most of the street's detrius in our drive way AFTER we had cleared it out! OUCH !!!- ah BUT we are living in CANADA, it is MARCH and although we whine - which is allowed this time of year - we wouldn't want to live anywhere else on earth!

Take a snow shovelling ( or gardening break for those of you who wish to gloat!!) break here and get inspired .....