Saturday, January 26, 2008

Armed for the Winter

The latest fashion rage here is arm warmers and at -16 degrees plus windchills, this weekend you darned well need them. Especially if you are foolhardy enough to have invested in one of the new three quarter sleeved coats so you could be tres trendy!
Having said that I can remember sporting magenta coloured thighs but looking so cool in a camel mini coat and Puss in Boots styled brown suede over the knee boots in the heart of January. But that was when I was young and foolish......and now I am old and comfortable although still striving to be fashionable within those parameters!

To check out the latest " must have" accessory for those winter climes.......

Followed up by: Make your Own Stylish pair

Ooh, wouldn't this be such fun. Hit your local thrift shop, buy some interesting wool sweaters - cut the arms out and get that Embellisher working! It puts a whole new spin on the term "Throwing down the gauntlet" doesn't it?

Arts, Crafts as a political and social tool

A merry little Christmas elf thought it would be fun to put this button in with my Christmas goodies. Of course, the sentiments were greatly appreciated and don't we all wish that was the answer to it all!
Interestingly enough, shortly thereafter I discovered there was a recent interesting exhibition in Calgary, Alberta ( Canada) entitled " Craft Hard Die Free: Radical Curatorial Strategies, Craftivism in Unruly Contexts". The photograph accompanying the announcement certainly made my button look like small change:

The colours are so full of life and joyful and definitely this artist made a powerful statement!
Unfortunately, in any associated information regarding the exhibition or in my research of same, credit was not given to either the artist or the photographer which to me, is a major and grievous oversight!
However, in the course of my search, I discovered another very interesting blog which covers digital, radical, techno, innovative, fine, D.I.Y, process, craftivism and hobbyist craft - The Craft Research Blog which covers the diversity of the crafts movment in the world today It's a little headier than most of the day to day stuff we discuss in blogging the textile world but certainly worth a read.

Back in Blogland

After a rather long hiatus from blogging, I'm attempting to get back on track! A couple of major deadlines, then Christmas hols, in addition to some serious concerns regarding our elderly family members and the passing of one in our extended family, has steered us away from things more creative.
Catching up is never an easy task but we are getting there. A special thank you to those who in private e mails have offered their friendship and support. It has been greatly appreciated.
Now onto the new year, albeit a bit late but it's a start!