Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Here comes the wench?

Those of you who have ever been to a medieval re-enactment or know folks who indulge in this pastime, can appreciate just how seriously they take themselves in making sure everything is realistic as possible. Costumers spend hours stitching every little detail right down to the underwear, boots and gloves. Here is a link, yet to another wedding. This time 14th century traditions in the here and now:

In addition, I've added a few sites for you to peruse more medieval stitchery and costume. They are but a few out there but these alone could keep you busy for hours on end and contain some fascinating information:


Now back to the 21st century for a moment! I'm off to Toronna (that's affectionate Canadian slang for Toronto) on a " supply run" tomorrow and will be back with lots of news on what's happening in The Megacity. Thursday is the opening day of the Canadian Embroiderers' Guild Fall session so there will be lots of textile, stitching news and photos towards the end of the week!
Take care, be safe, stitch well and talk soon......

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