Monday, September 03, 2007

Another wedding dress story

I'm not usually that struck on wedding dresses persé but I do love a bit of history. In today's edition of the British newspaper, the Daily Mail , there's an article on a wedding dress that has been handed down in a family. Six brides have worn the dress and it is very interesting to view the photos and see how the same dress has been altered and accessorized over the generations. Personally, I love the 1935 version. How about you?


Allison Ann Aller said...

How interesting!
The dress looks entirely more elegant in the 1910 and 1935 versions...because the photography is so much more formal and stylized...and the veils are much more graceful. I would love to see some of the modern brides posed and photographed like these earlier wearers. I like the 1910 the best.

What a wonderful tradition....thanks for linking to this, Leonie.

prairieknitter01 said...

I loved the link as well. I wonder if future generations will mind that the dress was split into two parts, perhaps not if her daughter is tall like she is!

Also, Geoffrey Palmer! I know every episode of "As Time Goes By" by heart. It runs on our PBS channel over and over, has for the past ten years. Amazing to see his real wedding picture -- I would have assumed he married Judi Dench in 1997 otherwise... ;o)


P.S. Workshop in Wisconsin with Robin Atkins this weekend! Will bring her your greetings, as promised. I would drop dead of joy if she brought Rosie, the uncaged hen -- but I'm sure Rosie is too famous to travel nowadays as a prop or a teaching tool.