Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Healing Art, Featuring " Hands"

To continue with the healing art theme, I wish to share with you the first piece of art I purchased from Virginia Spiegel's Collage Mania. Please bear in mind that all three of the artists I will be featuring have given me permission to post their work and their work is copyrighted to them exclusively so I would ask that you please respect that.

Jeanette Thompson from Chicago is an artist through and through. By day, she is a high school art teacher and continues to pursue her own creative endeavors by night and on weekends. Jeanette's piece " Hands" hit a distinct cord with me as I have been struggling physically with some hand problems this past year so I have been rather focussed on hands and healing. But it was not just that factor that drew me to Jeanette's work but the positioning of the hands and the most intricate stitching that attracted me again and again to that page at CC. Hands was created on silk organza and free-motion stitched with variegated threads and the outer edges are zig zag stitched.

When speaking with Jeanette, she told me it was a favorite piece of her work and her inspiration for it was from a picture she saw in the newspaper. She said she connected with it, something to do with an artist making beautiful things with their hands and honoring them. She herself was quite pleased with the finished product and so she should be. Below you can see for yourselves:

Hands by Jeanette Thompson

It wasn't until I was physically able to see this piece of art up close and personal that I was able to appreciate the most intricate colored stitching and detail in the background:

Detailed background " Hands"

In particular, check out the stitching in the fingers of the hand:

Jeanette informed me that this was her first International piece but I am thinking there will be many more for this talented young lady. I am delighted to add this lovely piece of work to my collection. Thank you Jeanette.

For more of Jeanette's work and updates on her life and creative talents, including her recent experience at Turtle Moon Camp with Susan Shie, please check out her blog and be sure to leave her some positive feedback there or in the comments section here on mine.


Virginia A. Spiegel said...

Thank you for taking the time to share your insights about your new artwork from Collage Mania. It's always great to have a perceptive and appreciative patron.

Vickie said...

something about hands...these are beautiful and offer so much expression...hope this piece is in your studio!