Friday, October 12, 2007

More re Aquabond

Allie left a comment re the Aquabond and a few others have enquired via e mail. I do know that it was difficult to obtain here in Canada but then it seems we are always behind the old 8 ball when it comes to new products. Having said that, CEG workshop members went into a " group buy" and we found a supplier on the west coast,
located on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. They were excellent to deal with and not only did they give us swift and efficient service but also sent along lovely quality ball point pens for each of us with their compliments! I'm sure there must be a US supplier but the Stitches Quilt shop would not be too far Allie for you to deal with from your location if you had problems getting it elsewhere.
Here's some other information I've gleaned that might help:

Aquabond can also be obtained through Bernina dealers and it is called" Aquamagic Plus"

For Irene and others in the UK : Aquabond or Aquatic Bond can be obtained through Barnyarns
The clear soluble that you put on top of the Aquabond is also called Avalon Fix and it can be obtained through Madeira suppliers.

Also, one can use Solvy as the top soluble but it is a bit foggy looking as opposed to clear so not as easy to see through when stitching .

All of these items are cheaper by the yard or metre from the roll than in packaged forms.
I think a yard would go a long way unless you are planning a very large wall hanging.

I hope this is helpful to some of you who would like to play with this newer product and
I'd love to hear some comments in time from those who have tried this technique. I LOVE the fact you can hand stitch through it without needles getting sticky or having to force your needles through the fabric, thread layers.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Leonie, you are the bomb!
(That's a teenage expression from the 1990s that has somehow stuck with me.)
It means, thanks so much, you are awesome!

Leonie said...

Gee Allie - thanks - I am a bit of a bomb first thing in the morning ( yeh I know it's noon but I worked late into the night ) and not the 90's one! I appreciate your comments and support! I sincerely hope you will have an opportunity to try the Aquabond - I know you will do wonderful things with it!