Monday, October 08, 2007

"Girl Crazy" on it's final journey!

I visited "The Quilt Project" once more and checked out " Girl Crazy" before it went on it's final journey to Toronto. ( See my post August 21st). The " old girl" has held up exceptionally well and after a thorough examination of the piece, I'm happy to report it required no repairs or fix ups whatsoever. I guess triple stitching all those beads in place with silamide thread does pay off!

" Girl Crazy" has travelled across Canada and become quite the party girl so it's a credit to the terrific staff and amazing volunteers at The Quilt that the piece has been handled so well. Kudos to all of you and a special thanks from Joan and myself. It's been a blast working with you!

I enjoyed a lovely lunch with Debbie Deichert who is the Executive Director of the project and we excitedly discussed the upcoming auction ( October 23rd) in Toronto. " Girl Crazy" is now on exhibit at the beautiful venue of Casa Loma and will then head over to The Distillery District where it will meet it's new owner! Joanie ( my Mum and co-designer) is in fine fettle and it will be my privilege and pleasure to escort her to the auction where we plan to enjoy the fun and say goodbye to our " baby".

It seems most gals can't resist " trying on" Girl Crazy" and Carol Miller, the founder of The Quilt Project is no exception as she shows it off at a PR presentation in Stratford.

Deb tried it out too.......looking good girl!

Deb Deichert, Executive Director, The Quilt Project

Who knows who will be wearing her next? We have an idea who - so stay tuned as the auction draws near!

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