Sunday, October 05, 2008

Science, Engineering,Travel = Stitching?

I have always tried to encourage my students to see the world through different eyes. Sometimes people just get so locked into reading stitch related books and magazines that they tend to see the world with blinders on. If you reach a point where you feel you've reached a creative block, pick up a magazine or book that has a very different topic to what would normally attract you. You just might surprise yourself as to what can inspire you. This week I have been watching for the Science and Engineering Visualization challenge results. Look at these photographs - the wonderful color combinations, shapes, sizes and design elements you can pick out from them. I can see so many beaded pieces in these photos - can you?

Then hop over to the Telegraph newspaper in the UK and check out their fabulous Nikon travel photography competition. You will see the top ten choices but to the right hand side of the page under "Related Articles" you will see the rest of the competitors' works. The pics are impressive and will definitely stir up some feelings in you. Enjoy!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Leonie, you are amazing. How do you find this cool stuff? Thanks so much... xo

Leonie said...

Allie, my early years were spent working in the photographic profession so I keep close tabs on what's happening there still. I have always leant towards the distinct and unusual, so I think I often march to a different drummer (: