Friday, August 24, 2007

Rolling Broccoli !

Today I have something which is bead/textile related in that I had wonderful service from Jessica and Susan Partain of Inedible Jewelery. Jessica acknowledged my purchase of some broccoli cufflinks and notified me they had been sent. In the course of our conversation, I gave a short explanation of " why broccoli". Jessica asked if she could use the information in a written communication and in return, Jessica also agreed that I could quote her in my blog.

"One of our lovely customers purchased a pair of these broccoli cuff links recently. We always send a thank you email, confirming the purchase and letting people know when their goodies will ship. Virtually no one ever responds to this email. In this instance, however, she replied and gave us the story behind her purchase- a rare treat for us! Turns out she wanted these broccoli cuff links for her husband, who happens to be an avid motorcyclist (strictly BMWs, which sounds really familiar, Mr. Inedible being a vintage BMW addict rider himself.)What on earth, you might ask, does broccoli have to do with BMW motorcycling? Well, everything it turns out! Her husband is a member of a group of motorcycle enthusiasts (emphatically not a motorcycle gang) that call themselves The International Order of Rolling Broccoli Riders. It is certainly the best broccoli-themed association ever invented! So, when you're traveling through Canada or some of the more northerly parts of the US, be on the lookout for some really friendly guys on BMWs. You'll know it's the Broccoli Riders if they all have green thumbnails. (Or if they're wearing broccoli cuff links!) "

PS - Just to explain the green thumbnails, whenever the Broccoli Boys sponsor a rally, instead of stamping hands to get back into the grounds, they use green nailpolish on thumbs!

Both Jessica and her sister Susan design and make the jewelery AND some wonderful foodie charms which many of you beaders and crazy quilters out there might LOVE for your creations. Check out their Etsy site too. I have no affiliation - just had great service! Thanks Ladies!

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sharonb said...

I wanted to swing by and say welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself. I think you will as in the past you have often sent me useful links and tit bits.